History Of Manickpur Elders' Association

The MANIKPUR ELDERS’ ASSOCIATION was formed in January, 2005 as an organization of Senior Citizen concern with noble related to social ideology and emphasis on day to day practice of poor and pro-poor people particularly in their economic activities. The prime target was not only the successful economic upliftment but also their necessary aspects and considered like health and education facility which is serious needed to make a graceful life style without any painful obstruction. Our other target was to organize the old aged people who are neglected and deprived from their family and also from the society. We believe the elders are a group of public figures noted and elder statesmen, peace activities and human rights advocated. The goal of our association is to solve social and global problems like poverty, human right, Non conscious public health and pollution and want to learning etc.

The level best endeavor of a group of activities helps to run the association in proper way. Each and every of the association founder members and governing council members are really established in their own economic profession. The combined effort of all our 72 members and well wishers make a teaming formation, helps to proceed ahead.

  • OUR SLOGAN – Respect, Co-operate and Welfare for helpless.
  • LOGO – ELDARELY COUPLE – Man & Woman – standing with sticks.
  • VISION – To make smooth life leading of Senior Citizen.

The name of the Society is MANIKPUR ELDERS' ASSOCIATION, hereinafter for the sake of briefly referred to as "Society".

To arrangement for distribution of study materials among the pupils of Free Primary School. To organize different awareness programs i.e. World Earth Day, Environment & Plantation of tree etc by dint of sit & draw as student like & learn from Nature. To arrange a test of Science with general knowledge. Free distribution of Dictionary and study materials among the Tribal student in Purulia.

To organise various Social, Cultural Health Awareness programmes and also Awareness of anti Superstition . To organise Seminar, Symposium,Slide or Power point show , Workshop on reality of Science in our daily life.Sky Watching & Nature Lover etc. activities.Computer Training for needy students and Yoga Training class for destitute people & our members. To publish Elders Guide book . To Educated youth for moral upliftment.
We celebrate Swami vivekananda ,Netaji,Gandhiji,Rabindranath Thakur and Nazrul Islam birthday in regular. Celebrate the Republic day , Independent day, Mother Language day, Environment day, Earth day,Bangla Nababarsha etc.

To organise different programmes of Public Health Awareness regarding Malaria, Dengue, Chikhongunya, Pulse polio,Hiv Aids etc.and also related to public Health & Hygiene. To organise Free Medical Camp including Health check- up , Clinical testing,Eye examine with arrangement for Cataract Operation in Govt.Hospital & Free distribution of Medicine. To run a Homeopathy dispensary.

Our main sources of income is coming from the DONOR & Members. Our social activities may be sponsored by anyone who is selected from our list of activities. Our Appeal to the people come forward & join with us in our social welfare activities & bear the cost in part & parcel .Donor will be selected what programme is the money Spent.Our transparency is the key how the money was used. Our financial support from Founder members , it took Manikpur Elders'Assn become autonomous NGO soon ,the society was awarded certificate of exemption under 80G of the Income Tax Act,1961 and also have permitted to receive overseas contribution under Foreign Contribution Act 2010. Donation collected will be used for implementation of project for the elderly along with destitute people & needy students.

Objective Of Association

A unique social welfare organization for the poor and hardly needy persons and to help for really needy students those who are helpless and eager fully continue their studies for their future life. This organization is entirely governed by Senior Citizens and governed by non-political and non government organization.

  1. Rehabilitation of helpless, economically back ward classes and poor aged persons.
  2. Special care for special (mentally disabled) children and physically challenged people and provided mental support to achieve the pathway of the life.
  3. Provides medical support to below poverty level people.
  4. Provide educational support and financial aid scheme for the poor and needy students.

Our Mission

  1. We organise regularly Social Awareness programs & Propaganda and camping against Social evils with Superstitions.
  2. Special care for special (mentally disabled) children and physically challenged people and provided mental support to achieve the pathway of the life.
  3. Every year Ist October (World Sr.Citizens Day we recognize with honour some Elderly people for Award "Lifetime Achievement,in different deciplines of society. We honour also needy oldaged for Award Probin pranam and Prabin Samman sambardhana every year.
  4. We give Legail Aid to elderly people in need.
  5. Organise Puja Praikrama ( Durga Darshan) along with jointly puja feast.
  6. Organise Seminer, symposium, lecture, discussion with power point or Slide show and debate etc.on different topics by which we engage our member through out the year.
  7. Make arrangement for recreation cum cultural programs in different Oldaged Home & Orphanage Home .

Our Forthcoming Works Schedule

  1. Establishe /Build Oldaged Home for destitute , needy and helpless Elderly pepole wth engagement centre.
  2. Coaching class for drop out students , Platform's children and Street children.
  3. Organised Adult Education Centre.
  4. Medical assistance and unit for needy people.
  5. Promote Women Empowerment Centre.


REGD No. S/IL/45007 of 2007-2008

Regs. Office - 49, Manas Bhumi, Manikpur
P.O. Italgacha, Kolkata 700079, West Bengal

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