Our Objectives

A unique social welfare organization for the poor and hardly needy persons and to help for really needy students those who are helpless and eager fully continue their studies for their future life. This organization is entirely governed by Senior Citizens and governed by non-political and non government organization.

  1. Rehabilitation of helpless, economically back ward classes and poor aged persons.
  2. Special care for special (mentally disabled) children and physically challenged people and provided mental support to achieve the pathway of the life.
  3. Provides medical support to below poverty level people.
  4. Provide educational support and financial aid scheme for the poor and needy students.
  5. Organize arts and cultural programs.
  6. Organize workshops/ seminars about global warming.
  7. Published useful literature papers, books and magazines.
  8. To organize welfare activities for child, women, youth, aged and handicapped persons such as crèche, condensed course of education, awareness generation project, vocational training for men and women, to undertake short stay home, working women hostel, old age home, deaf & dumb school, special school for visually handicapped and mentally retarded, orphanage home, non-formal education for children etc.
  9. Self help group based program for augmentation of the livelihood opportunities of the people at the grass root level as being beneficial to the public or to a section of public.
  10. To plan aid, guide and facilitate work among the poor in rural and urban informal sector, slum and prevent dwellers, alcoholic and drug addicts, victim of natural and manmade disasters, artisan and craft men, forest labor etc.
  11. To organize promote, develop, undertake, extent intensity, improve, support, guide co-ordinate and awareness all types of developmental works in the field of natural resources, forest ecology and environment science, health and family welfare, acquired immunes deficiency syndrome, sexual transmitted disease with the help of qualified doctors.
  12. To improve social and economical condition of street children and child labors.
  13. To organize and hold public and group meeting, exhibition of posters, charts, models etc. with a view of fostering consumer awareness as well as to arrange lectures and demonstrations for mobilizing public opinion.
  14. To organize activities for environment protection and urban development.
  15. Provide mental, physical and legal support and to perform work of charity for welfare of old aged people.
  16. Organize cultural and tour programs for entertainment of old aged people.
  17. Special care to make harmony a close family relation among the youth and old age person.
  18. Special awareness to fight against the social superstition, weather pollution inoculation, polio, health and hygiene for common people.
  19. To protect old aged self respect and self conceit with working social consciousness for respect co-operate assistance and rendering services to the old people.